Sample Quiz

I often tell people that the biggest difference between PDX Trivia and the competition is that the trivia material is focused on being fun and entertaining. There’s enough tough questions to determine a winner each night, but there’s plenty of opportunity for every person in the bar to contribute – not just the brainiacs!

There is usually only one visual round, but the sample below is a night that was a lot of fun. Good luck!

Round 1 – EZ ish
1 What fault system caused the separation of Baja California from the rest of Mexico?
2 What WW1 gas was unmistakable to allied troops due to its condiment like odor?
3 What company first condensed soup in 1898?
4 What midwest city boasts the Gateway Arch?
5 What metal has the chemical symbol Au?
6 What plant does “Leaves of three, let it be” warn against?
7 What term describes someone who can use either hand equally well?
8 What compass directions is longitude measured in, North and South, or East and West?
9 How many regular season games does each NHL team play?
10 Does Casey’s team win or lose in the poem “Casey at the Bat”?

Round 2 – Name 10

Name 10 brands of deodorant!
Have fun with it, basically every team will get a perfect score on this round =)

Round 3 – Audio – Candy Music – Name the artist and song title!

Round 4 – Visual Candy

candy bars

Round 5 – Visual 2? Is he MAD? Name the treeeees


Round 6 – GK
1 Which 2006 Nobel Peace Prize nominee has sold the most records?
2 What items are made by a fletcher?
3 What’s the capital of Latvia?
4 What is latin America’s northernmost nation?
5 What belgian city is one of the world’s main centers for diamond dealing?
6 What are Deep Fritz, Deep Junior and Deep Blue?
7 What flowers did Van Gogh paint most often?
8 How many squares are there on a scrabble board?
9 Who played Batman opposite Burt Ward’s robin?
10 What Florida beach was the location for Sir Malcolm Campbell’s 1935 world land speed record?












Round 1 Answers: San Andreas, Mustard Gas, Campbell’s, St Louis, Gold, Poison Ivy / Poison Oak, Ambidextrous, North and South, 82, Loses

Round 2 Answers: Axe, Jack Black, Old Spice, CK, Dove, Gillette, Arm and Hammer, Sure, Degree, Speed Stick, Right Guard, LOTS more!

Round 3 – Audio – Candy Music

  1. Marcy Playground – Sex and Candy
  2. The Fray – How to Save a Life (lifesavers?)
  3. Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like (Mars bar?)
  4. Cake – I Will Survive
  5. 50 Cent – Candy Shop
  6. Hot Chocolate – You Sexy Thing
  7. Eminem – Rap God
  8. Bow Wow Wow – I Want Candy

Round 4 – Visual Candy
1 Oh Henry
2 Bounty
3 Big Hunk
4 Zagnut
5 Clark Bar
6 Abba Zabba
7 Chick o Stick
8 Mr Goodbar
9 Bit O Honey
10 5th Avenue

Round 5 – Visual 2? Is he MAD? Name the treeeees
1 Yggdrasil
2 Arborvitae
3 Eastern Hemlock
4 Sassafras
5 White Oak
6 Bigtooth Aspen
7 Sugar Maple
8 American Elm
9 Black Walnut
10 Black Birch

Round 6 – GK
Answers: Bono, Arrows,Riga, Mexico, Antwerp, Chess computers/programs, Sunflowers, 225, Adam West, Daytona Beach